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Expert Sessions are exclusive online gatherings for members, fellows, and invited guests. Each session gives attendees access to insights and trends driving competitiveness and innovation.


This dynamic and interactive platform provides a unique opportunity to engage in in-depth discussions with experts spanning various fields. Previously, Experts Sessions explored topics such as the future of data governance, the conflict in Ukraine, and new laser technologies.

Featured Topics

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Rebuild Ukraine

Leaders from GFCC member, KNEU, deepened the conversation on the war in Ukraine, raised relevant issues that the country faced during the war period, such as food security, energy, and infrastructure.

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Data Governance

GFCC Fellow, Mike Nelson,  addressed the crucial role data played in the COVID-19 response, the potential of AI and machine learning, and the need for innovative data policies to drive productivity, security, and cross-border data flows.

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Laser Technologies

Leaders from GFCC member, Lockheed Martin, provided an overview of the developments of laser technologies that transformed manufacturing industries and people's lives and commented on the next revolution in defense capabilities.

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Global Emerging Risks

Leaders from GFCC member, Lockheed Martin, explained how to use a cross-functional risk universe, novel data sources, and dynamic emerging risk analyses for more comprehensive risk coverage and durable resilience.

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Hydrogen Economy

Leaders from the GFCC community shared initiatives to accelerate the Hydrogen Economy and discussed global advancements in technology, policy, and investment that could help advance a low-carbon future.

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Hydrogen Economy Q&A

GFCC leaders engaged with experts to uncover key insights into global successes and challenges of the hydrogen economy, participated in dynamic discussions, and fostered knowledge exchange, and potential collaboration within the GFCC network.

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GFCC community leaders focused on sustainable agriculture and food systems and explored current initiatives and insights, and fostered collaboration within the GFCC network.

Expert Session: Global Emerging Risks and Organizational Resilience

Discover how Lockheed Martin leverages AI for innovative risk management in a rapidly changing environment.

Hydrogen for a Net-Zero Future: Progress and Prospects (2024 Edition)

Building on our previous work on hydrogen as a source of clean energy that included interviews with Prof. Ric Parker and Prof. Yasushi Sekine,

Fueling the Future: Canada’s Role in the Rapidly Expanding Hydrogen Economy

The search for alternatives to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy has placed hydrogen on the radar in various regions

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Global Emerging Risks and Organizational Resilience Expert Session
Ukraine expert session
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