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As part of its initiatives, starting in 2022, the GFCC releases a series of Calls to Action that provide recommendations to stakeholders interested in promoting innovation and competitiveness worldwide.


These recommendations reflect the cumulative work of the GFCC over the years, leveraging the diverse expertise of our network in more than 30 countries.


Each year, the Calls to Action focus on a specific topic, aligning with the theme of the Global Innovation Summit.

Call to Action 2023

Innovate the Sustainable Future

This Call to Action offers key recommendations to stakeholders in government, industry, academia, and civil society to innovate and advance sustainability. It begins by acknowledging that sustainable progress hinges on a careful balance of short and long-term goals, right at the intersection of environmental, social, and economic dimensions and underscores the urgency of taking immediate action while it also anticipates the benefits resulting from these actions.

Download the document here.

Innovate the Sustainable Future

Call to Action 2022

Place-based Innovation -

An Imperative For Future Growth

This Call to Action provides recommendations for national, regional, and local stakeholders to promote place-based innovation. We urge leaders at all levels to prioritize place-based innovation and take tangible actions to drive progress in their respective contexts.

Download the document here.

Place-based Innovation - An Imperative For Future Growth
Call to Action The GFCC

Call to Action

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