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The Competitiveness

About the GFCC Decoder 

The GFCC Competitiveness Decoder, a pioneering data-driven tool, was conceived to illuminate the key drivers propelling national competitiveness.


Developed by the GFCC and its members, with initial backing from the Brazilian Agency for Industrial Development (ABDI), this first-of-its-kind online interactive tool enabled various stakeholders — nations, policymakers, and investors alike — to measure the competitiveness performance of more than 100 nations over 35 years and across 130+ metrics organized in 8 core pillars. It operated on a comprehensive conceptual foundation while offering cutting-edge visualization and statistical functions.

Premiering a prototype in 2013, the GFCC released a Beta version in the first half of 2015, followed by an extended Beta version packed with new features and an updated dataset in 2017.


After successfully demonstrating the concept, sparking the creation of similar tools, and delivering unique analytics, insights, and data to a global user base, the Competitiveness Decoder concluded its journey in 2021.


Despite its discontinuation, an archived and unmaintained copy of this groundbreaking tool remains accessible for reference here.

The Decoder at a Glance

The GFCC_Decoder.jpeg

The Decoder allows one to explore, analyze, compare, and learn about the different dimensions of data, trade, economy, and talent.

Thhe GFCC_ Decoder Cluster Chart.jpeg

The Decoder lets one assess key drivers propelling national competitiveness through time views, geographic clusters, maps, and graphs.

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