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The GFCC Additional Reports

Future Trends

Future Skills

Lessons and Insights from a Review of Innovative Skills Development Initiatives

Release Date: July 2021


The Future Skills report was launched to shed light on the megatrends affecting the global skills landscape and benchmarking innovative schools and programs operating in over 15 countries. The report unveils how structural transformations in an increasingly complex reality will unlock new demands for digital skills and STEM, blended with “soft skills,” such as critical thinking, creativity, problem-solving, resilience, adaptability, and teamwork.

Download the report here.

Download the executive summary here.

Lessons and Insights from a Review of Innovative Skills Development Initiatives

Connecting Farm, City and Technology
Transforming Urban Food Ecosystems in the Developing World


Release Date: November 27, 2017

Smart integration of technology can help create sustainable urban food ecosystems (UFEs) for the rapidly expanding urban population in the developing world. It can increase production of nutritious food in the cities and surrounding regions where the food is consumed. Technology, especially recent advances in digital-enabled devices based on internet connectivity, is essential for building UFEs at a time when food availability is not meeting demand. For the first time in human history, food production will be limited on a global scale by the availability of land, water and energy. By 2050, two thirds of the world will be urban, with a net world population growth of 2 billion people (increasing the global population to nearly 10 billion) — expected to occur in urban regions in the developing world.

Download the report here.

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