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THINKERS, is a presentation of Thinkers50 India, which is about discussing new ideas, new thoughts, addressing challenging issues, forging new paths, in the process creating an ever widening circle of thought leadership and create synergy in the thought leadership space by integrating the online and offline experiences. GFCC President Deborah Wince-Smith authored the first chapter in the report: Infrastructure In The Age Of Innovation. The article explores a host of new and scalable innovations and applications, which will be required to meet the needs for modern infrastructure and of sustainable environments.

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Global Competitiveness Principles

An annual and ever evolving statement of competitiveness principles for countries to contend in the global marketplace. Among other key elements, the document emphasizes the importance of innovation, intellectual property, skilled workforce, open and fair trade, natural resources productivity and transparent and smart regulations to economic growth. The GFCC Global Competitiveness Principles were agreed upon by the GFCC and its network of over 30 national competitiveness organizations. First released in 2010, the Global Competitiveness Principles have been refined and released every year to reflect the changing global economic environment and the themes highlighted in each GFCC Annual Meeting and Global Competitiveness Summit. A reliable infrastructure, public-private partnerships and steady funding for research and development were also listed among the most important elements of a globally competitive economy.

GFCC Global Competitiveness Principles 2016

GFCC Global Competitiveness Principles 2015 

GFCC Global Competitiveness Principles 2014

GFCC Global Competitiveness Principles 2013

GFCC Global Competitiveness Principles 2012

GFCC Global Competitiveness Principles 2011

GFCC Global Competitiveness Principles 2010


Best Practices in Competitiveness Strategy

This annual report on global competitiveness best practices – featuring member testimonials, strategies and case studies highlighting the impact of these best practices – serves as a valuable tool for competitiveness councils around the world. The Global Federation of Competitiveness Councils intends Best Practices in Competitiveness Strategy to be not only informative, but enlightening. There are models to be copied in this report, and ideas to be tried. The GFCC Annual Meeting and Global Innovation Summit functions as the launching point each year for the collection of best practices from around the world.

GFCC Best Practices in Competitiveness Strategy 2016

GFCC Best Practices in Competitiveness Strategy 2015

GFCC Best Practices in Competitiveness Strategy 2014

GFCC Best Practices in Competitiveness Strategy 2013

GFCC Best Practices in Competitiveness Strategy 2012

GFCC Best Practices in Competitiveness Strategy 2011