Mark D. Minevich

Senior Fellow

Mark is Principal Founder of Going Global Ventures, a New York based global investment,technology and strategic advisory firm, and active advisor on behalf of Going Global Ventures to leading  accelerators and venture capitalists in Silicon Valley and various US and  global family offices.

Mark is a Chief Strategy Officer, US and a  member of the Executive Board of Comtrade Group, Europe’s largest product development companies, specializing in gaming, solutions, distribution, application management, travel and hospitality, extended R&D and outsourced products.

Mark is an  associate partner of Blackhawk Partners, Inc. an international family investment group based in New York City and Group strategy advisor to GEM Group – a $4 billion alternative investment group that manages a diverse set of investment vehicles focused on emerging markets,

Mark’s business, sustainability and philanthropic efforts have made his name widely known across North America, Europe and Asia. Mark Minevich is a current member of prestigious advisory boards and think tanks-  Board of Advisors to TriLinc Global, a private investment company dedicated to creating a global platform for impact investing through alternative investment funds and Chief Advisor to Nobel Sustainability Trust based in Switzerland. He was a  founder of the Billion Minds Foundation and Club, a global sustainability and knowledge foundation think tank and club for high networth families. Mark is a member of the Board of Directors at  Financial Policy Council based in New York.

Previously, Mr. Minevich was Vice Chairman and Advisor to Monday Morning Global Institute and Sustainia, Danish Innovation tank, CTO and Strategy Executive at IBM NexGen and Venture Capital and has held various executive roles at  BTM Corporation, Research Board, Deutsche Bank, Qwest Communications, Geotek, Comcast, and USWEB/CKS.

Overall, Mr. Minevich’s background includes 20 years’ experience in business strategy and technology innovation consulting for the global technology markets which made him an influential authority on technology and particularly the role of the CIO/CTO in private wealth, social networking, impact investing and innovation – widely recognized throughout North America, Europe and Asia.

Mr. Minevich is the author of two books on business and technology topics: “Six Billon Minds” and “The CTO Handbook: The Indispensable Technology Leadership Resource”

Mr. Minevich is a recipient of the Albert Einstein Award for Outstanding Achievement, and the World Trade Leadership Award by World Trade Centers and WTCA.

Mr. Minevich holds a B.S. from Montclair State University and an MBA from Stevens Institute of Technology.