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Mark Minevich

Mark Minevich

Senior Fellow

Mr. Minevich is a highly regarded and trusted Digital Cognitive AI Strategist, Artificial Intelligence expert, Global Social Innovation and Technology Executive, UN Advisor, Leading Author and Columnist, Private Investor/Venture Capitalist, and the principal founder and President of Going Global Ventures.

Mark is newly appointed Chairman of the Executive committee of AI for Good Foundation. Mark is a Chief Digital Strategist at the International Research Centre for AI, under the auspices of UNESCO. Mark is Sr. Advisor to Boston Consulting Group Boston Consulting Group. Currently, he serves as the strategic advisor and Global ambassador to the CEO and Chairman of New York based Amelia/ IPsoft Inc. Mark collaborates and advises large global enterprises both in the US and Japan (Hitachi). Mark is Advisory Partner to Canadian Growth Investments and Business Advisor to Infosec Global.

Mark is a private investor and he advises several venture capital groups. Mark is Chief AI Officer to Canadian Growth Investments. And a Special Advisor to AdAstral Funds. Mark was appointed as member of World Economic Forum Future Council.


Mark is currently an appointed Member, B20 with the G20 under Presidency of Indonesia and a Leading member of B20 Digitalization taskforces since 2016. Mark has served as a Member, B20 with the G20 during Germany, Argentina, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Indonesia Presidency.


Mark is a Senior Fellow, Council on Competitiveness in Washington DC, and Senior Fellow, Global Federation of Competitiveness Councils Mark is the co-founder and Founding Chair of the Digital Pioneers Network and AI Pioneers Circle based in New York.


Mark has served as a venture partner with GVA Capital in Silicon Valley, advising the fund on AI startups. He has also served as venture advisor to Global Emerging Markets, an alternative investment group that manages a diverse set of investment vehicles. He was also previously a Fund Adviser to AI Capital and Bootstrap Labs based in San Francisco: a pioneer in the realm of VC funds focused on applied AI, carrying with it a mature fund and portfolio of 24 applied AI companies. Mark was also a trusted Adviser and Entrepreneur in Residence for Hanaco Ventures, a global venture fund that focuses on late-stage, pre-IPO Israeli and US companies powered by bold, visionary, and passionate minds.


Prior to this position, Mark was the Vice Chair of Ventures and External Affairs, as well as CTO at the Comtrade Group, an international technology conglomerate. He also served as the CTO and Strategy Executive at IBM, and held other management, technology, and strategy roles that entailed formulating investment tactics for Venture Capital Incubation programs.

Mark is also involved in media and journalism, and contributes to a number of publications, including Fast Company, Forbes, VentureBeat, WEF, Entrepreneur, Observer, TechCrunch, InformationWeek, CIO Magazine.

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