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Nkem Khumbah

Nkem Khumbah

Senior Fellow

Dr. Nkem Khumbah joined the African Academy of Science as Head of STI Policy Systems, Governance and Partnerships (STI-PGA), effective September 2023. He is also a Senior Fellow with the Washington-based Global Federation of Competitiveness Councils (, faculty affiliate with the Science, Technology and Public Policy Program (STPP) at the University of Michigan, and Chairman of the Africa Development Futures Group. He previously was Lecturer of Mathematics and member of the STEM-Africa Initiative at the University of Michigan; Assistant Professor of Mathematics at North Georgia College and State University; and held research Fellows at Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics at UCLA and the Mathematical Science Research Institute at UC Berkeley.


He has worked extensively with the breath of African Science, Technology and Higher Education bodies, including serving in 2015 as Founding Executive Curator of the Next Einstein Forum (NEF): Africa’s Global Forum for Science, Policy and Society.

His articles have appeared in journals like the New York Times and the African Policy Review; he is frequent speaker at conferences and symposia in North America, Africa, Asia, and South America.

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