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Our initiatives

The GFCC engages internationally through a number of initiatives tailored to the interests, backgrounds and objectives of its members.

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Innovation Learning Labs

Innovation Learning Labs are designed to spark progressive dialogues and are intense workshops aimed at high-level participants to enhance their knowledge on innovation promotion policies and initiatives. Participants are able to create new partnerships to boost innovation capacity and value creation. Core issues explored in the Innovation Learning Labs series include fundamental research, intellectual property, technology transfer, and many more. Find out more.

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Frame the Future 

We use five future-defining features, which are innovation, partnership, resilience, inclusiveness, and sustainability to unpack the ten most pressing issues in the global competitiveness agenda aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Innovation, Talent, Intellectual Property, Infrastructure, Public-Private Partnerships, Regulation, Local Development, Natural Assets, Trade and Global Partnerships, and Benchmarking. Register below and join us this year to frame a more prosperous and resilient future for all communities across the globe.

Find out more.

University and Research Leadership Forum

The GFCC University and Research Leadership Forum, comprised of university presidents and heads of research institutions, serves as a living think-tank to examine trends and generate ideas to optimize education and research enterprises. The GFCC works to develop a better understanding of the contributions made by global education and research institutions to innovation and competitiveness. Find out more.

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Competitiveness Decoder

The Competitiveness Decoder is an online, interactive tool that allows policymakers, investors and other stakeholders to compare the performance of 100+ nations, over 35 years, across eight core pillars comprising 130+ metrics and a comprehensive global trade database. Advanced visualization and statistical features were implemented on top of these two core databases. Find out more.

Global Competitiveness Award

The Global Competitiveness Award honors leaders who have advanced the competitiveness agenda and made significant contributions to their nations, regions, cities and globally. The Award recognizes trailblazers and groundbreakers who have brought together coalitions of people, leveraged new tools and models, championed new legislation and government policies, or ignited other activities to help strengthen their country’s competitiveness. Find out more.

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Global Competitiveness Academy

The Global Competitiveness Academy is a distinct and intensive learning framework building off the assets of the GFCC network that will develop a new cadre of global leaders attuned to the drivers for competitiveness and sustainable economic growth.

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