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Luciano Coutinho

Luciano Coutinho

Distinguished Fellow

Bachelor in Economics from the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil; Master and PhD in Economics from Cornell University, USA, Luciano Coutinho has been Full Professor of Economics at the University of Campinas-UNICAMP, Brazil. Between 1974-79 he has been the head of the Graduate Program in Economics at UNICAMP. Professor Coutinho has also worked as a Visiting Scholar in the University of Texas,USA; in University of Paris XIII ,France and in the Ortega and Gasset Institute in Madrid, Spain.


Besides his academic career Luciano Coutinho occupied positions in the public sector in Brazil, as Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology (1985-1989) and as President of The Brazilian Development Bank -BNDES ( 2007-2016).


Professor Coutinho has many published articles and books and has coordinated a landmark research project on the Competitiveness of the Brazilian Industrial Sector in the early nineties. ​

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