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Accelerating Competitiveness Through Collaboration

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Global Competitiveness Principles on place-based innovation

The GFCC and its members are proud to launch its annual flagship publication, the Global Competitiveness Principles. The Global Competitiveness Principles offer an overarching framework for national strategies aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to foster innovation, competitiveness, and prosperity in the 21st century.  This year’s edition focuses on place-based innovation and supporting initiatives


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Call to Action – Place-based: Innovation An Imperative For Future Growth

This Call to Action presents recommendations to national, regional, and local policy stakeholders to advance place-based innovation. The document reflects the cumulative work of the GFCC, building on expertise in our multi-stakeholder network spanning more than 30 nations. It is from that perspective that we call on leaders at all levels to make place-based innovation a priority.

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About the GFCC

Founded in 2010, the Global Federation of Competitiveness Councils (GFCC) is a network of leaders and organizations from around the world committed to competitiveness and higher living standards. Our members strive to achieve innovation, productivity and prosperity in their nations, regions and cities. The GFCC develops and implements concepts, initiatives and tools to navigate the complex competitiveness landscape and take action.


Thriving markets and people rely on both their own national policies and collaborations across the globe. In this spirit, the GFCC brings together experts for their mutual competitiveness and benefit, true to the motto of Accelerating Competitiveness through Collaboration. ​

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Our initiatives

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Learning Labs

University and Research
Leadership Forum


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Global Competitiveness

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Global Competitiveness

GFCC Membership

The GFCC provides its members with exclusive access to a network of global leaders, international competitiveness organizations, renowned corporations and research institutes by providing a platform for connections through global events and internal initiatives that are exclusively available to members. ​


Members of the GFCC engage with each other regularly, exchanging ideas, addressing challenges related to innovation and competitiveness, and comparing best practices. The GFCC not only facilitates this, but also rationalizes and filters this information. Thus, we provide research for our members through annual reports that prove valuable for their future endeavors and competitiveness strategies, be they national or international.

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