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GFCC Releases 2023 Annual Report

Published on April 16, 2024

2023 was a pivotal year for the GFCC as sustainability gained a spotlight and the GFCC returned to London for the 2023 Annual Meeting and Global Innovation Summit. Over the year, multiple GFCC discussions highlighted the importance of broadening the understanding of sustainability and accelerating innovation to transition energy systems, advance the 2030 Agenda, and meet sustainable development goals.


Starting in early 2023 and leading up to the events in London, the GFCC successfully cohosted the DEF Southern East Europe-East Mediterranean Summit in Washington, DC, participated in the Delphi Economic Forum,  cohosted an economic summit in partnership with Queen's University Belfast, hosted a 2nd Industry-University Partnerships forum in São Paulo in association with the Brazilian National Confederation of Industry (CNI), held its flagship Global Innovation Summit in England with the support of Gallup and the University of Southampton, and cohosted a pioneer Innovation Arena at the COP 28 in Dubai, in partnership with the Council on Competitiveness.


In addition, the GFCC released five new publications, including the Call to Action—Innovate the Sustainable Future, which offers recommendations to governments, universities, industry leaders, and civil society on how to act and frame sustainability as an opportunity.


Driving Innovation in Times of Crisis continued to be a core topic in GFCC’s agenda in 2023. The initiative, in partnership with Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), included various meetings and workshops and generated one original white paper, Crisis Definitions and Frameworks, which distills lessons from major crises of the past 100 years and establishes crisis as "a recognized period of increased danger requiring action to limit severe and cascading consequences."

This annual report features an in-depth review of GFCC activities and achievements in 2023, as well as exclusive thought pieces about the future of sustainability and competitiveness, signed by our members. The GFCC invites you to download the report to stay updated with our latest accomplishments.

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