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Thought Piece #1 Launch

When Framing the Future, Open the Aperture for Innovation

Quick Wins:

  • Applied research

  • Goal-driven models

  • Open innovation platforms


Chad Holliday | GFCC Chairman

United States

"In a global economy driven by multiple technology revolutions, many are placing innovation at the center of these strategies and, as we design and implement them, we must open the aperture for innovation with new approaches, tools, and teams."


Thought Piece #2 Launch

Strategic Partnerships and Innovation

Quick Wins:

  • Innovation strategies

  • Economic development

  • Industry partnerships


Gianna Sagazio | Innovation Director National Confederation of Industry (CNI)


"The difficult times that people, companies, and countries are facing right now, all over the world, are such that it may seem that the effort to overcome it might exceed our strength. But it is necessary to believe in the potential of cooperation between strategic agents, with focused actions and creativity. "

Handshake in the Office

Thought Piece #3 Launch

Collaboration, Competitiveness and Collective Well-Being

Quick Wins:

  • Science and Innovation

  • Malaysian industrial development

  • Collaborative models

Sulaiman (MIGHT).jpg

Mohd Yussof Sulaiman | President & CEO Malaysian Industry-Government Group For High Technology (MIGHT)


"The impact of a well-executed collaboration often goes beyond an intended economic outcome. It triggers inclusiveness and environmental sustainability."

Stock Market Data

Thought Piece #3 Launch

The case of ATHEX Stock Exchange in a Mission to Sustainable Growth

Quick Wins:

  • Trends in Banking

  • ATHEX Innovation Program

  • Entrepreneurship


Socrates Lazaridis |
CEO, Athens Exchange Group


"One financial institution alone cannot move the needle in tackling today’s challenges. Building partnerships is crucial to organizational survival."


Thought Piece #4 Innovation

Societes need innovation more than ever

Quick Wins:

  • Sustainable Development

  • Accelerator-labs

  • Innovation Management

Hiro Nishiguchi photo copy.jpg

Hiro Nishiguchi |
CEO, Japan Innovation Network


"While traditional business activities seek to avoid uncertainty, innovation activities should rather embrace and manage uncertainties, which is best achieved through non-linear and iterative processes."

Future Glitch

Thought Piece #5 Innovation

Antecipation: a key conversation for resilience

Quick Wins:

  • Future strategies

  • Anticipatory systems

  • Futurecasting

Jaime en CNID.jpeg

Jaime Alvarez |
Co-Founder, 100 Thousand Million


"Anticipation can be a powerful approach to make decisions that build and promote resilience in many dimensions. We have to be able to imagine that resilient future and work to make it happen."


Thought Piece #6 Talent

Approach to
Build Lifelong

Quick Wins:

  • Future of Work

  • Human Capital Development

  • Lifelong Learning


Michael Fung | Deputy Chief Executive,


"We need to shift our existing paradigm of education and training to a non-linear system that promotes lifelong learning. A system that is flexible, agile, and responsive to fast-evolving disruptions."

Data on a Touch Pad

Thought Piece #7 Intellectual Property

Sustainable Data Require Governance + Stewardship

Quick Wins:

  • Intangible assets

  • Intellectual Property

  • Data Governance


Christopher Geiger | Enterprise Risk and Sustainability
Director, Lockheed Martin

United States

"The responsible use of data and IP underlie sustainable enterprises, circular economic practices, and trustworthy Artificial Intelligence. The practical foundation for that responsible use is data governance and stewardship."


Thought Piece #8 Intellectual Property

Closing the Intellectual Property-Diversity Gap

Quick Wins:

  • Inclusive IP Systems

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Technology & Innovation


Paul Roben | Associate Vice Chancellor Office of Innovation and Commercialization

United States

"While the patent system has underpinned innovation in the U.S., it has not done so equitably. In the U.S. only 13 percent of all inventors who hold a patent are women. Fewer than three percent are black"

Creative Working

Thought Piece #9 Intellectual Property

IP Systems
to Boost
the Creative

Quick Wins:

  • Non-Fungible Tokens

  • Blockchain

  • Design-Thinking


Gulay Ozkan |Founder, GEDS Strategic Design


"Creativity does not have a step-by-step process and contains ambiguity and uncertainties (...).  Although current IP systems cover graphic design or product design in general, they overlook the new domains of design and fail to provide legal protection."

Industrial Engineer

Thought Piece #10 Infrastructure

Accelerate and Prioritize Sustainable Infrastructure

Quick Wins:

  • Opportunities in Africa

  • Digital Solutions

  • Sustainability and Innovation


Frannie Léautier | Senior Partner, SouthBridge Group, and CEO, SouthBridge Investments


"Where infrastructure is aging or mature, the pandemic has also signaled the need for new thinking and imaginative approaches for retooling and recycling. Many innovations have materialized, such as bringing digital solutions to aging infrastructure."

Solar Panels

Thought Piece #11 Infrastructure

A New Era of Cleantech Venture Capital

Quick Wins:

  • Tech growth

  • Renewable Energy

  • Business Opportunities

Elisa Jagerson- Photo.JPG

Elisa Jagerson |Managing Director, Wildcat Venture Partners

United States

"Venture capital has a particularly pivotal role to play when it comes to helping climate tech companies cross the chasm. Venture capital funded businesses have been the source of many of humanity's most disruptive innovations"

DNA Chips

Thought Piece #12 Public-Private Partnerships

A Blueprint for Innovation Competitiveness

Quick Wins:

  • Innovation Models

  • Risk-sharing

  • Transformative Technologies


Tapiwa Chiwewe | Program Director and Senior Manager IBM Research

South Africa

"Central issues for PPPs on innovation cooperation include an interdisciplinary management committee with academic and industrial representatives, mindful strategies, and contractual terms that enable a seamless procedure to select and add new partners and a sustainable financial agreement."

Abstract Structure

Thought Piece #13 Regulation

Regulation for the Future

Quick Wins:

  • Technology

  • Collaborative Regulation

  • Public Procurement

Margareta photo_edited.png

Margareta Drzeniek| Managing Partner,

Horizon Group


"Regulation can be a means to slow down or to drive innovation, depending on how forward looking and agile it is. One key aspect is the degree of risk taking embodied in regulation."

Farm Fields

Thought Piece #14 Regulation

to Foster
and Resilience

Quick Wins:

  • Technology

  • Energy System


Juan Pedro.jpg

 Juan Pedro Córica| Co-Founder & Executive Director, QMAX Energías Renovables


"Regulation is something inevitable, which increases costs for businesses and can erase their value very fast. So the question is not whether the technology industry should be regulated, but what is the right way to do it?"

Science Museum

Thought Piece #15 Regulation

to Fuel

Quick Wins:

  • Technology

  • Innovation in Malaysia

  • Regulatory Sandboxes


"An effective method to regulate technology is by constantly interacting with it — identifying and modifying regulations in real-time, enforcing them, and communicating to the public swiftly. And all this must be done while working within legacy frameworks and fostering

From Above

Thought Piece #16 Natural Assets

Can Nature
and Economic
Go Together?

Quick Wins:

  • Biodiversity

  • R&D

  • Technology

Zakri 3.jpeg

 Zakri Abdul Hamid | Science Advisor
Campaign for Nature and
Scientific Advisor to the President
Islamic Development Bank


"It is important to note that natural assets
cannot be properly developed without
human talent and expertise. In fact, the
human asset would be the most sacrosanct
of all natural assets, especially in
a mega-biodiverse country like Malaysia."

Abstract Futuristic Background

Thought Piece #17 Local Development

Transforming a Regional Economy by Building on a Heritage of Creativity and Innovation

Quick Wins:

  • Innovation

  • Regional Deals

  • Technology

CROPPED-Paul Madden.png

 Paul Madden | Director

Centre for Competitiveness

United Kingdom

"If we are to succeed in competing in the next economy, then we need to embrace the reality that we will only be able to do this through a collaborative partnership approach"

Glass Buildings

Thought Piece #18 Trade and Global Partnerships

Global Trade and

A catalyst to advance
innovation, sustainability,
resilience and inclusiveness

Quick Wins:

  • International Treaties

  • European Union policy-making

  • Green Transition


 Simos Anastasopoulos | President, Council on Competitiveness of Greece (Compete.GR)


"We need our economies to be resilient,
on a national and regional levels, so that
we can recover from future disruptions
and be able to continue to provide for the
welfare of our communities, even when
unfortunate events happen"

Top of the Mountain

Thought Piece #19 Benchmarking

Begins With


Quick Wins:

  • Youth Leadership

  • Infrastructure

  • Natural Disasters

hamaguchi 2 copy.jpeg

 Michinari Hamaguchi | President, Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST)


"Resilience begins with individual confidence to overcome adversity and self-belief that even one person can make a difference and save lives. Nurturing such belief will certainly be a challenge, but one that is evidently
worth the effort."

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