The GFCC welcomes Japan Innovation Network (JIN) as a new member

The Global Federation of Competitiveness Councils (GFCC) is pleased to announce Japan Innovation Network (JIN) as its newest member.

JIN is a non-profit innovation acceleration platform that provides companies with global collaboration, disruptive thinking, and unique approaches for increasing their growth and market. JIN was formed in 2013 as an outcome of the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry (METI) “Frontier HR Research Committee”, and strives to implement the committee’s key findings and take a systematic approach to managing creativity and productivity in unison.

JIN is an accelerator for large and medium-sized companies to spur innovation. The organization wants to enhance Japanese start-ups, businesses, and organizations while focusing on building an innovation ecosystem within each organization. The organization’s goal is to create 100 innovative companies in Japan and turn Japan into an Innovation Nation so that they create high impact and high growth business models through collaboration with an international community. JIN regards SDGs as innovation opportunities and has a close working relationship with international communities.

“JIN’s membership in the GFCC will support our mission to bring change and innovation to an array of companies in Japan and elevate Japan’s competitiveness,” said Hiro Nishiguchi, Executive Managing Director of JIN. “Our participation in the GFCC will enable us to expand our global reach and cultivate new ways for tackling global challenges and drive innovation.”

"The global innovation landscape is changing rapidly and JIN’s motto to bridge big companies with new tech ventures and policy is a great example of new models to be considered and an inspiration for new initiatives to drive innovation, global competitiveness and prosperity,” said Ms. Deborah Wince-Smith, President of the GFCC. “Japan has a pivotal role in global innovation and competitiveness. It is a great privilege to have JIN joining as a sustaining member and play a leadership role in our organization.”

JIN’s membership in the GFCC continues the effort to engage innovators and build the global footprint of the GFCC.






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