Isabel Capeloa Gil Elected First Female President of IFCU

Dr. Isabel Capeloa Gil, Rector of Catholic University of Portugal, was elected President of the International Federation of Catholic Universities (IFCU) at their 26th General Assembly Meeting from July 23-27. Dr. Capeloa Gil will become the first female president of the organization, whose General Assembly Meeting gathered over 200 university presidents and other university officials.

With a background in examining the intersection between literature and other facets of human expression across cultural boundaries, Dr. Capeloa Gil has built a lifelong focus on international engagement. Her strong belief in higher education as a foremost tool for deepening global integration has led her to be an integral leader in the GFCC’s innovation community.

Upon being named President of the International Federation of Catholic Universities, Dr. Capeloa Gil summarized her mission as to “work to make the power of the few the strength of the many."

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