GFCC Welcomes Two New Members

The GFCC is pleased to welcome Bond University and Western Economic Diversification Canada as new members to our growing innovation community. Their unique Global Perspectives will strengthen the GFCC's expertise on a range of vital topics.

Bond University is a private university located in Queensland, Australia. Established in 1987, the university hosts over 4,000 students just outside the city of Gold Coast. Routinely awarded for the quality of its student experience, Bond University aims to personalize each student's education with an emphasis on innovative methods of teaching. Especially noted for its Public Health and Health Services programs, Bond University represents a research leader in Australia and beyond.

Western Economic Diversification Canada is a Canadian federal department aiming to boost the competitiveness of Canada's western provinces by diversifying their economic landscape. Emphasizing environmental sustainability and the growth of small and medium enterprises (SMEs), Western Economic Diversification Canada has 30 years of experience building the innovative potential of Western Canada.

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