GFCC Partners for Smart Cities NY Conference

Building on a focus on urban innovation, GFCC partnered with Smart Cities NY for a conference on May 8-10. In an era defined by the rising prominence of urban centers as engines for economic growth across the world, policymakers and private entities must find novel ways to streamline cities: making them more sustainable, more economically competitive and more integrated into a digital economy.

Executive Director Roberto Alvarez moderated a panel on "Building the 21st Century City.” With panelists including Sweden’s State Secretary to the Minister for Housing and Urban Development and the Mayor of Denver, the session discussed how best to utilize new technologies and practices to address urban living’s most pressing concerns in coming years.

Also speaking at Smart Cities NY was 2017 GIS participant Alvaro Maldonado, Secretary of Productive Development and Competitiveness for the City of Quito in Ecuador. The international array of speakers allowed the conference to examine urban development from a global perspective, with attention to the role of geographies and cultures in defining how urban citizens interact with their surroundings.

Smart Cities NY was chaired by GFCC Distinguished Fellow Jerry Hultin and undertook a comprehensive examination of how the cities of the future will act as focal points for advancements in the economy, society and the world at large.

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