ATHEX Joins GFCC as New Member

The Global Federation of Competitiveness Councils (GFCC) is pleased to welcome the Athens Exchange Group (ATHEX) as a new member.

The Athens Stock Exchange (ATHEX) supports the operation of the Greek capital market. ATHEX and its subsidiary companies also operate cash and derivative markets, carry out trade clearing, settlement and registration of securities, provide comprehensive IT solutions to the Greek capital market and promote the development of capital markets culture and economic competitiveness in Greece. ATHEX has joined the GFCC and plans to work with the Federation on an innovative program to boost the competitiveness of the Greek economy, connecting local leaders them with the GFCC global network of experts and preparing companies to access capital and scale-up.

Together with the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises (SEV), ATHEX shares the vision of sustaining the competitiveness of Greek corporations and ensuring credibility of the Greek market.

Undoubtedly, Athens Exchange represents more than just a financial institution; it is also a key actor through which exploring the dominant traits of investment behaviors in Greece, to understand how economic growth is proceeding by which choices are made from investors and what prospects are leading the economic rebirth of a very important country, at the crossway between Europe and Asia.

By joining the GFCC community, ATHEX will certainly bring unique insights to enrich the debate around competitiveness, especially from a financial perspective, and contribute, by sharing best practices, for example, such as those that are fueling the extraordinary efforts of Greeks economic growth in the recent years.

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