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Carole Hyatt

Distinguished Fellow

Carole Hyatt is the Founder and President of Mission: Getting To Next, a non-profit leadership and career transition organization. MGTN establishes a network of support for retiring military and executive women seeking new professional positions in the private, public, entrepreneurial, and nonprofit sectors. MGTN is based on Ms. Hyatt’s world-renowned Leadership Forum’s foundational seminar GETTING TO NEXT, which has a 40-year track record of success, helping thousands of women–and men–triumph over difficult transition periods.


Her best-selling books, The Woman’s Selling Game, Shifting Gears, Lifetime Employability, and When Smart People Fail, have profoundly impacted the lives and careers of millions of women and men across the globe. In addition to her books, Ms. Hyatt has created highly effective workshops to address women in sales and marketing in public arenas. She has lectured groups worldwide, from universities such as Columbia and Brandeis, to schools in England, Japan, India, Malaysia, Germany and South Africa. Her training programs have been taught in corporations including Deloitte Touche, American Express, Infiniti Car, and Bank of South Africa. Ms. Hyatt resides in New York City with her husband Gordon Hyatt, an award-winning documentary TV producer. They have one daughter.

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