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GFCC Invites Experts to Discuss the Growth of the Hydrogen Economy

Published on February 27, 2024

The search for alternative sources of energy to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy has placed hydrogen on the radar in various regions of the globe and within the business sector. Considered a versatile energy carrier with various potential applications in transportation, industry, and power generation, hydrogen does not emit greenhouse gases when produced using renewable sources through electrolysis. As a result, the hydrogen economy is growing at a fast pace following advancements in technology, policy, and investment.

On March 14th, at 9:30 am Eastern, the GFCC invites Prof. Ric Parker, Chairman of the Singapore Low Carbon Energy Research Technical Committee and GFCC Distinguished Fellow, to discuss with other experts the potentials and the challenges of the hydrogen economy in different nations today, commenting on ongoing projects worldwide, and highlighting the main opportunities for global collaboration. Additionally, the session, exclusive to GFCC members and fellows, will review policies and funding to finance hydrogen projects and assess the advantages and pitfalls of current models.


The GFCC has been attuned to the potential of the hydrogen economy for years. In 2021, the GFCC published an interview with Prof. Ric Parker and Dr. Yasushi Sekine, Professor of Advance Science and Engineering at Waseda University in Tokyo, outlining possible usages of hydrogen in the green economy and how its commercialization could impact global competitiveness.


Roberto Alvarez

Roberto Alvarez


Executive Director, GFCC


Ric Parker

Ric Parker

GFCC Distinguished Fellow


Deborah Wince-Smith.jpg

Deborah Wince-Smith (Host)

President, GFCC


Ts Mohamad Azreen Firdaus Bin Abd Aziz.png

Ts. Mohamad Azreen Firdaus Bin Abd Aziz

Principal Analyst, MIGHT


Justin Reimer

Justin Riemer

CEO, Emissions Reduction Alberta (ERA)


David Rooney

David Rooney

Director of the Sustainable Energy Research Group , Queen’s University Belfast

Northern Ireland

Lori 2.jpeg

Lori Schmidt

GFCC Distinguished Fellow


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