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Athina Chatzipetrou

Distinguished Fellow

For more than three years, I have served as a Non-Executive Director for the ELLAKTOR Group, contributing to the turnaround achieved in 2023. Chair of the Nomination and Remuneration Committee and Member of the Audit Committee, contributing to the governance framework in compliance with the Athens Stock Exchange (“ATHEX”).


For more than six years, I served as CEO and Executive Chairwoman at the Hellenic Development Bank SA (“HDB”). I have led a holistic strategy focusing on sustainable business development while simultaneously changing its operating model. I took over in February 2020 with 280 million euros under management, and in September 2023, HDB had 10.5 billion euros under management. With a leverage ratio of 3.1 and a GVA of 2.9, HDB supported more than 43 thousand businesses and contributed 7.7 billion to the Greek GDP. At the Archaeological Fund, I disrupted the traditional process of accessing main archaeological sites in Greece through e-tickets.


For more than 16 years, I embarked on CFO and FD roles in numerous sectors and industries with particular emphasis on finance, administration, and project management. I have led Finance and Administration Functions for well-known multinational companies with a track record of successfully structuring and leading shareholder engagements to desired results. I have a good understanding and adaptation to complex business environments and situations and am trained at defining, communicating, motivating, and driving change at executive levels and across the broader community of stakeholders. For that, I view problems from the ‘big picture POV,’ and I recognize critical areas to drive into more detail by quickly structuring approaches to solve complex problems, synthesizing information rapidly with good business judgment, and quickly deriving deep insights.

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