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Leading UK university in innovation, enterprise and social mobility, Aston joins the GFCC as member

The GFCC is pleased to welcome Aston University as a new member. Based out of the industrial and commercial city of Birmingham in the United Kingdom (UK), Aston University hosts a global and multicultural community of students from over 120 countries. Its education and research focus on businesses and the professions in which applied research, enterprise, and inspiring teaching deliver local and global impact.


Holding a deep technology DNA dating back to 1895, Aston University was first established as the principal Birmingham Municipal Technical School at the heart of the world's manufacturing powerhouse. Today, Aston is the leading UK university in graduate employability and social mobility and one of the top UK universities in innovation, entrepreneurship, and enterprise.


"We are living through a time of unprecedented growth in technologies and transformation across all industries. And during this time, Vice Chancellor and Chief Executive Aleks Subic is leading Aston University to create the future of the economy, the workforce, and society. His efforts and that of his colleagues are making a difference in Birmingham, as well as across the UK and the world. We are proud to have Prof. Subic and the Aston community as part of our global network", comments GFCC president, the Honorable Deborah L. Wince-Smith.


Her words found an echo in the remarks made by Professor Aleks Subic. "I am delighted that Aston University has joined the GFCC, recognizing our role and contributions in driving socio-economic transformations in Birmingham and more generally in West Midlands and the UK," he says. "I am looking forward to joining the global GFCC network of universities, businesses, and government agencies to advance the global and local socio-economic agendas at a time of significant technological transformation," Prof. Subic completes.


To learn more about Aston University, click here.

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