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Global Innovation Summit

London, United Kingdom

About the GIS 2023

Gallup and the University of Southampton hosted the 2023 GFCC Annual Meeting and Global Innovation Summit in London and Southampton, United Kingdom, on November 13-15. The key theme for the events was "Shape Tomorrow: Innovate the Sustainable Future.” With participants from over 20 nations, this invitation-only leadership meeting offered a unique experience to participants from industry, government, academia, and civil society organizations to engage with peers, access first-hand global best practices, and take part in high-profile strategy conversations on the nexus connecting sustainability, innovation, and competitiveness.

Special Thanks

The success of the 2023 Annual Meeting and Global Innovation Summit was made possible through the partnership with Gallup, which hosted the activities at their London headquarters, and the University of Southampton, where GFCC leaders were welcomed for discussions at their state-of-the-art research facilities.


Additionally, the valuable content provided by and the sponsorship of the West Midlands Growth Company, along with GFCC members Aston University and Spectrum Index, were instrumental in the success of these events.

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Event Partners

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Event Sponsors

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Photo Gallery

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Event Book

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