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Rogerio Studart

Distinguished Fellow

Rogério Studart is a distinguished fellow at GFCC and a senior fellow at Brazil’s Center of International Relations (CEBRI). He is renowned for his work on various initiatives aimed at promoting evidence-based policies concerning the costs, benefits, and opportunities of transitioning to low-carbon growth. He is an academic and scholar, often giving lectures at universities around the world. He participates on the boards of two climate-related think tanks and an international social work NGO. With extensive experience in the fields of international and multilateral development finance, he previously served as an executive director for both the World Bank Group and the Inter-American Development Bank Group. He holds a Ph.D. from the University College of London, England, specializing in macroeconomics and international finance. Throughout his career, he has made significant contributions to sustainable development and has garnered recognition as a scholar. His scholarly pursuits have resulted in the publication of numerous books and articles covering topics such as macroeconomics, international finance, and sustainable development. Moreover, he has shared his insights and opinions on these matters through op-eds featured in various news media outlets worldwide.

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