Delphi Economic Forum Highlights Opportunity for Future Growth in Greece

The third Delphi Economic Forum under the leadership of Symeon Tsomokos (CEO & Founder of SGT) was held March 1-4, creating a framework for dialogue around building a more competitive Greek and wider Mediterranean economy. A member of the GFCC, the Forum hosted speakers ranging from the President of the Hellenic Republic to industry and social leaders, with an emphasis on analyzing broad economic trends and addressing the need for sustainable development. With a local focus paired with international resources, the annual Delphi Economic Forum hopes to continue to “address emerging challenges, influence the national and regional agendas and promote sustainable and socially responsible growth policies for Greece, Europe and the wider Eastern Mediterranean region.” A standing session at the DEF was organized in partnership with the GFCC.

GFCC President Deborah Wince-Smith participated in two sessions in the Forum: Competitiveness in Greece - Building for the Future and Supporting Entrepreneurship & Innovation. She was accompanied by Prof. Alice P. Gast ( President of Imperial College), Dr .Spiros Dimolitsas ( Senior Vice President for Research & Chief Technology Officer Georgetown University), and GFCC fellow Rehan Chaudhri. A standing session at the DEF was organized in partnership with Piraus Bank. Deborah WinceSmith, President of the GFCC, and Christos Megalou, CEO of the leading financial institution, Piraeus Bank, chaired the first session and also announced Piraeus’ GFCC membership. Piraeus is actively looking to increase competitiveness of the Greek corporate sector. Despite the macro challenges in the Greek market, Piraeus has extended loans in the tune of €2.7bn in 2017 and plans to raise it to €3.1bn in 2018, while promoting the competitive advantage for corporates and healthy business models.The events show our continued effort on facilitating the exchange and engagement between GFCC members.

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