ATHEX Holds Event on Value of Corporate Governance

On June 28th, 2018, the Athens Exchange Group (ATHEX) held an event to recognize outstanding achievement on the Value of Corporate Governance. The event featured participation from Mr. Sokratis Lazaridis, ATHEX CEO; Mr. George Handjinicolaou, Chairman of the Board at Piraeus Bank; and GFCC President, the Honorable Deborah Wince-Smith.

This event focused on the innovative practices that entrepreneurs, executives and companies must embrace in order to sustain competitiveness in their respective fields in Greece and on the international scale.

During the awards ceremony, Ms. Wince-Smith presented the award for 2018’s Best IR Team of ATHEX’s listed companies, with Mytilineos SA Business Group receiving 1st prize. During her presentation, Ms. Wince-Smith spoke on the importance of emphasizing competitiveness in this new digital age, in celebration of ATHEX’s new status as a GFCC member. She stressed the need for programs that spur companies’ innovation and expand their global reaches. ATHEX's business acceleration initiative, the ROOTS program, exemplifies this concept. ROOTS is designed in partnership with noteworthy players in the global capital markets ecosystem.

The GFCC extends its gratitude to ATHEX for the opportunity to contribute as they spread competitiveness principles to their network in Greece and beyond.

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