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New Report Highlights Innovative Partnerships Between Industry and Universities

Published on March 11, 2024

In a decade of growing global interconnectivity and accelerated technological change, universities have a crucial role in shaping, leading, designing, and implementing the innovation of the future for the benefit of all. They can no longer behave as ivory towers. Instead, they must play an integral role in interconnected socio-economic ecosystems.


Understanding the relevance of universities in this fast-changing landscape, the GFCC is pleased to present Universities in Action: Building Cross-sector Alliances and Making Impact on Society. The new report documents discussions held on September 29, 2023, in São Paulo, Brazil, in a forum co-organized by the GFCC and its member, the Brazilian National Confederation of Industries (CNI).

C-suite leaders from Brazil, the United States, South Africa, Kazakhstan, Northern Ireland, and Sierra Leone commented on innovative models for cross-sector alliances and partnerships between industry, universities, and governments, focusing on capacity building, business-university cooperation, and Science & Technology.


You can access the report here.


University Forum Next Steps

Since 2016, the GFCC has worked closely with industry and university leaders through the University and Research Leadership Forum (URLF) to map relevant contributions made by global education and research institutions that favor innovation and competitiveness worldwide.


In 2024, the URLF is embarking on a new journey to create, grow, and connect an international network of universities committed to place-based innovation. Prof. Aleks Subic, Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive of Aston University, will co-chair this new endeavor.


Yet, in the first semester this year, there will be a plenary session to discuss the Forum's agenda, next activities, recruitment of new members, and a study trip to Birmingham, United Kingdom. More information will be released shortly.

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