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Membership Types

Recognizing the relevance of innovation and technology for competitiveness and the importance of the public and private sectors, the GFCC has opportunities for government agencies, associations, corporations, universities and research organizations to become members of the GFCC.


Vanessa Puerta

Head of Operations


Sustaining members make strategic contributions to the GFCC and assume leadership in the organization, taking part in critical decision-shaping and decision-making processes, exclusive activities and meetings.

General members are national and subnational councils of competitiveness, economic development agencies and similar organizations that engage in GFCC initiatives in support of its activities.

Corporate members are businesses that seek to accelerate competitiveness and prosperity, take part in GFCC activities, access resources and disseminate best competitiveness practices globally.

University members are universities and research organizations that emphasize their roles as innovation and economic growth engines, want to engage globally with leaders in business and policy, and wish to learn about best practices that their international peers pursue.

​Individual members are leaders concerned with local, national and global competitiveness and prosperity who wish to amplify their voices and have access to global resources through engagement with the GFCC community.

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