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Membership Benefits

The GFCC provides its members with exclusive access to a network of global leaders, international competitiveness organizations, renowned corporations and research institutes by providing a platform for connections through global events and internal initiatives that are exclusively available to members.

Members of the GFCC engage with each other regularly, exchanging ideas, addressing challenges related to innovation and competitiveness, and comparing best practices. The GFCC not only facilitates this, but also rationalizes and filters this information. Thus, we provide research for our members through annual reports that prove valuable for their future endeavors and competitiveness strategies, be they national or international.

By focusing on key components of global competitiveness, the GFCC provides its members with an added resource of information, knowledge and insight into other strategies. In this collaborative effort of exchanging ideas and solutions to global competitiveness, innovation and new technologies, the GFCC contributes to the basis for sustainable economic growth and global prosperity.

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Access to GFCC Data and Research

Through GFCC Initiatives like the Global Competitiveness Academy and reports made available to GFCC members on a regular basis, the GFCC supports its members’ competitiveness agendas.

Access to Multi-Sector, High-Level Leadership

The GFCC gives members the opportunity to reach out and connect with an exclusive group of high-level global leaders actively pursuing a competitiveness agenda.

GFCC Events

Members are kept up to date with the most recent research and data, and are presented with an opportunity to connect and exchange best practices.


The GFCC provides an excellent platform to its members to provide valuable connections and alliances among and between different sectors.

Best Practices

Innovation is collaborative; solutions that have worked for countries, businesses and industries in the past may work for others as well. The GFCC therefore provides reports on best practices to its members based on these insights from their high-level list of members.

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