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Out of Crisis


Innovating Out of Crisis is a joint initiative developed by the GFCC and its member the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) to accelerate learning from past crises and boost resilience in local communities, global businesses, and governments worldwide.

Crises hold unique conditions that allow innovators to think and move faster and create rapid and impactful change.

Understanding the mechanisms that have helped humanity adapt and recover in periods of hardship, we can better prepare our societies for the future. 

Join our first online session: Learning to Navigate Crisis

Times of crisis present a unique opportunity for societies to find new solutions and innovate. From a business perspective, drawing lessons from past crises can facilitate the design of future strategies and management solutions, helping to build business resilience.


From the academic and policy perspectives, past crises can provide insights for creating early warning systems, mitigation and response strategies, and even contribute to developing new institutions and social structures. Click here to register.

Session Speakers

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Discussion Questions

How do you

recognize a crisis?

How do you anticipate potential impacts and prepare for future crises?

What kind of practices could be recommended to develop the capabilities needed to address crises?

How do you utilize a crisis as an opportunity for innovation?

September 29
8 am ET - NY

Innovating Out Of Crisis The GFCC

Call for Researchers

We have two open positions for researchers interested in participating in the development of the Innovating Out o Crisis initiative. Click here to learn more about the opportunity.

Only researchers linked to university members of the GFCC network can apply.

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