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HEDx joins the GFCC as a corporate member

Published on May 9, 2024

The GFCC is delighted to welcome HEDx as its newest corporate member. HEDx is an engagement and advisory firm focused on higher education, and its membership in the GFCC comes in a timely manner, as we are launching a new phase in the work of the GFCC University and Research Leadership Forum (URLF), which gathers university leaders from about 20 nations.


Based out of Australia, HEDx offers services and solutions tailored to address the critical challenges facing the global higher education sector, including strategy, market demands, technology, innovation, and culture transformation to achieve equity. Its products also include conferences, publications, and a sector-leading podcast.


"We are excited to have HEDx join our community," said President Deborah L. Wince-Smith. This moment in history calls for transformation in higher education globally, and their expertise and innovative approach to addressing the sector's challenges are undoubtedly relevant to our work. Their contributions will enrich our global community, generate new ideas for action and collaboration, and drive positive change."


HEDx commitment to innovation and advancing the impact of higher education in society aligns closely with GFCC's vision and work. The GFCC University and Research Leadership Forum was launched in 2016 to recognize universities' fundamental role as growth engines in the knowledge economy. Over the years, we have mapped and disseminated lessons and models for universities to better engage in innovation and impact the communities they serve. Additionally, we identified a fundamental need for universities to transform themselves. This need is exemplified by our work on the 'technology-enabled and impact-oriented university,' or, as some colleagues refer to it, the university 4.0, particularly in recent years.

"HEDx has a mission to change higher education for good and looks forward to taking HEDx to the world and bringing the world to HEDx through its membership of the GFCC" commented HEDx CEO, Martin Betts.

HEDx aims to promote transformation within the higher education landscape, contributing to the sector's advancement globally. As a member of the GFCC, HEDx will contribute to the work of the University and Research Leadership Forum (URLF) and amplify globally their message and work.

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