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Save the date: Global Innovation Summit 2023 happens from November 11 to 14 in Doha, Qatar

We're delighted to announce that this year's Global Innovation Summit will happen from November 11 to 14 in Doha, Qatar, hosted by Qatar University, a leading academy institution in the Middle East.


Under the theme Shape Tomorrow: Innovate the Sustainable Future, the summit will delve into the creation of business models and policy frameworks that tap into the sustainability opportunity to boost economic prosperity while safeguarding the planet and mitigating the impacts of climate change.


Over four days, experts from business, government agencies, civil society, and research will explore the vital connections between innovation and sustainability, outlining a new pathway to sustainable development by leveraging cutting-edge technologies and forward-looking policy frameworks.


On November 12, the GFCC will host its Annual Meeting, exclusive to its members and fellows. This high-profile gathering is an opportunity to review competitiveness priorities across nations, identify emerging business and social trends, and map relevant investments and projects around the globe. Additionally, members and fellows will reassess the GFCC agenda and discuss future opportunities in the network.

"We must reinvent business models, products, technologies, and policy frameworks to advance sustainability. Innovation is the key for this to happen and requires cross-sector collaboration, which is at the heart of the GFCC and will be a key theme when we meet in Doha", comments GFCC President and founder Deborah L. Wince-Smith.

The summit will also offer unique site visits to innovation hotspots, start-up incubators, higher education institutions, policy organizations, heritage sites, and cultural institutions in Doha.

In 2022, over 400 leaders attended the GIS in Greece, co-hosted by the Delphi Economic Forum and the Council on Competitiveness of Greece. High-profile Greek authorities participated as speakers, including Niki Kerameus, Minister of Education and Religious Affairs, Adonis Georgiadis, Minister of Finance, and Kostas Bakoyannis, Mayor of Athens.

In previous years, the GIS was held in the United States (2010), Brazil (2011), the United Arab Emirates (2012), Korea (2013), Canada (2014), Saudi Arabia (2015), the United Kingdom (2016), Malaysia (2017), Argentina (2018), and Kazakhstan (2019). The 2020 and 2021 editions were online and executed in partnership with the Government of Australia and the Council on Competitiveness.

Visit the GIS website to know more.

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