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GFCC Member Signs Agreements with UN to Promote Inclusiveness of Refugees and Strengthen C

GFCC Member Signs Agreements with UN to Promote Inclusiveness of Refugees and Strengthen Child Protection in Greece

Inclusiveness and access to equal opportunities are crucial to strengthening social resilience, prosperity, and economic competitiveness.


The GFCC was pleased to participate in a ceremony hosted by our member, Piraeus Bank, last week. Mr. Christos Megalou, CEO of Piraeus Bank, signed two agreements with the United Nations (UN) to promote the inclusiveness of refugees and child protection in Greece.


The ceremony was part of a side event held by Piraeus Bank during the Delphi Economic Forum and gathered members of civil society, corporations, and international organizations in discussions focused on improving societies by creating access to equal opportunities.


Panelists discussed women's empowerment as a driver for personal and economic growth, youth empowerment through inclusive education, skill building, and employability, and the need to address children's welfare and the socio-economic exclusion of vulnerable people.Speakers shared best practices, reviewed research results on the field, and analyzed challenges and opportunities.


For the GFCC, the two agreements are an important step toward realizing inclusiveness as a practice in the corporate sector.


About the agreements


Piraeus Bank signed two Memorandums of Cooperation with the UN to promote the integration and prosperity of refugees and asylum seekers in Greece and to strengthen systems to protect children at risk or subjected to any form of violence and their families.


Through a joint effort with the United Nations Higher Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), Piraeus will fund the Women Refugees Academy providing professional training to enhance the employability and integration of refugee women into society. The program will initially last for three months and includes three specialties: kitchen assistant, barista, and housekeeping.


Additionally, Piraeus will work with the United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF) to improve the tools and procedures and uniform handling of child abuse and neglect cases with relevant stakeholders. It will also implement better monitoring and management systems of child protection cases in competent service departments.


Inclusiveness and competitiveness


For years, the GFCC has highlighted the need to place inclusiveness as part of the competitiveness agenda. Multiple Frame the Future discussions revolved around the topic.


The Frame the Future report comments on the prominent asymmetries across countries and between urban and rural areas in developed nations and advocates for better human potential management across societies.


The report sets two goals for cities, businesses, and organizations worldwide: 1) Make digital infrastructure, devices, and skills accessible and affordable to all citizens; 2) Act on purpose in all situations to advance diversity and inclusion.


Learn more about the Frame the Future Conversation Series and the main goals outlined in the Frame the Future report.

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