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Driving Innovation in Times of Crisis

Keystones to Competitiveness and Prosperity in a Turbulent World

About This Initiative

In today's volatile world, crises are becoming increasingly frequent and severe, putting global stability and prosperity at risk. The good news is, amidst these challenges, there are opportunities for innovation that can help us emerge stronger and more resilient.


That's where Driving Innovation in Times of Crisis comes in. Our mission is to empower businesses, governments, and organizations to navigate these turbulent times and thrive. By deepening our understanding of crises and developing actionable recommendations, we can unlock new opportunities for innovation and enhance competitiveness.


We believe that even in the toughest of times, innovation can help us limit socioeconomic losses and foster shared prosperity. Let's work together to innovate and build a more resilient world.


This is a GFCC initiative kick-started in partnership with Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST).

How can industry, government and innovators recognize early signs of crises?

What systems should be in place to drive prosperity in times of turbulence?

How can we prepare to capitalize on a crisis as an opportunity for innovation?

Understanding Crisis

April 2023
In today's world, crisis seems to be a common occurrence, whether it is a global pandemic, economic recession, or natural disaster. But what exactly is a crisis, and how can we understand it better?


Crises as Catalysts

Date TBD

This webinar will explore the concept of crisis as a catalyst for transformation. We will discuss practical ways to navigate disruption and provide valuable insights on how to turn crisis into an opportunity for innovation.




Upcoming Events

Webinar: Learning to Navigate Crises

Sep 29, 2022

Times of crisis present a unique opportunity for societies to find new solutions and innovate. In this session, we surveyed lessons from the Japanese experience in dealing with disasters and how the corporate sector addresses crisis preparedness and gets ready for future shocks.

  • YouTube

Watch the full webinar on our Youtube channel

Webinar: Learning From Past Crises

Oct 21, 2022

Crisis preparedness and resilience have become key topics in policy and business, as the frequency and severity of disruptive events are on the rise. In an era of uncertainty and shocks, resilience has become a competitive advantage. Learning from past crises was central element of this webinar.

  • YouTube

Watch the full webinar on our Youtube channel

Assets from Past Events

Our Team

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Initiative Partners

The Global Federation of Competitiveness Councils
Japan Science and Technology Agency

Become a partner for this Initiative

By joining us you will engage with a unique group of multi sector organizations from across the globe, have the opportunity to sharpen your knowledge about innovation in times of crises, and define priorities on how to tackle future crisis. There are many ways your organization can engage in this initiative.



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