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Claudio Furtado

Cláudio Vilar Furtado

Distinguished Fellow

Cláudio Vilar Furtado, Distinguished Fellow of the Global Federation of Competitiveness Councils (GFCC) serving as a strategic advisor to for GFCC initiatives. Founded in 2010, the GFCC brings together competitiveness and innovation organizations, government agencies, corporations, and universities from over 30 countries to work together on competitiveness strategies and disseminate best practices to drive innovation, productivity, and prosperity (beginning March, 2023).


President of INPI – the National Institute of Industrial Property, a governmental organization linked to the Ministry of Economics from February 2019 to January 2023. Tenured Professor at the Getúlio Vargas Foundation – São Paulo (FGV-EAESP) from February 1974 to July 2022. Taught courses in Investment Strategy, Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance and External Auditing (MMC, 2018), and taught Private Equity and Venture Capital for 23 years.


A member of the Board of Directors of Norsa Inc. and Solar BR Inc., subsidiaries of the Coca-Cola Corporation in a joint venture with Grupo T. Jereissati - NE from 2008 to 2015, he was responsible for Finance, Governance and Auditing. Member of the Board of Directors of ATENTO Holding Investments and Telecommunications Services, a subsidiary of Grupo Telefónica, headquartered in Madrid, from 2008 to 2012. He was Executive Vice President at ABC-Bull Inc. and Director of Development at Elebra Inc. from 1983 to 1989.


Partner/Director of CVF Finance and Investments Ltd., a consulting firm specializing in Financial Strategy, Corporate Finance, and Applied Economics (active from 1993 to 2018). Acted as an expert witness in Brazilian arbitrage cases and one international arbitrage case (ICC).


Founded the FGV- Center for Research in Private Equity and Venture Capital (GVcepe), serving as its Executive Director from 2003 to July 2016.


Coordinator of FGV-Projects for the Telecommunications Industry from 1995 to 2004. Founded and led the Center for Distance Education at FGV-EAESP (now known as FGV-Online) from 1997 to 2000.


He is the author of many professional articles and has been a speaker at international conferences. He co-wrote the First and Second Brazilian Censuses of Private Equity and Venture Capital (2006 & 2011).


He is also a member of the Brazilian Association of Private Equity and Venture Capital (ABVCAP) and was a founding member of the Brazilian Institute of Corporate Governance (IBGC).


He received a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro in 1971, a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from FGVEAESP in 1978, a Master’s Degree in Business Economics from the University of Chicago’s Booth Business School in 1980 and completed the coursework for a doctoral degree in Financial Economics at this institution in 1983. He completed his PhD in Administration at FGV in 1997. His specialties are Administration, Applied Business Economics, Finance, Corporate Strategy, Investments, Private Equity and Venture Capital.

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