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Celebrating A Year of Engagement and Leadership

Published  December, 2023

The GFCC and its community of engaged leaders came together this year in significant and profound ways – spanning ideas and geographies. Throughout 2023, our community kicked off exciting new initiatives and hosted numerous events in partnership with our members, extending its policy impact across the globe.

GFCC President and Founder Deborah L. Wince-Smith reviews GFCC's accomplishments in 2023 and upcoming plans for the new year in a celebrative letter. Click here to read.


Guided by the leadership of GFCC Chairman Chad Holliday and the support of GFCC board members, in 2023, the GFCC "made the case" that a transition toward sustainable development represents a set of economic, social, and political opportunities.


The Annual Meeting and Global Innovation Summit reunited members and fellows in London, United Kingdom, from November 13 to 15, around the theme Shape Tomorrow: Innovate the Sustainable Future for exciting discussions and knowledge-sharing activities focused on exploring new models at the intersection of innovation and sustainability.

To close the year, our organization hosted a signature event at COP 28 in Dubai, in partnership with the Council on Competitiveness, the Innovation Arena, on December 6.


Besides these two critical gatherings, the GFCC committed to participating in relevant forums throughout the year, engaging its high-profile network to collaborate strategically around a common agenda.


In April, GFCC members were among global leaders in Belfast, Northern Ireland, for the 25th Anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement, and later in Delphi, Greece, for the 8th edition of the Delphi Economic Forum.

In September, our organization played a leadership role in the 10th Industry Innovation Summit hosted by the Brazilian National Confederation of Industries (CNI) in São Paulo, Brazil, just to cite a few of our engagements.

In 2024, we are starting a new University and Research Leadership Forum initiative around place-making innovation and will continue to participate in relevant forums around the globe.

The 2024 Global Innovation Summit is confirmed to take place both in Belfast and Dublin, co-hosted by Queen's University of Belfast and the Centre for Competitiveness, between November 11 and 15.

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