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Athina Chatzipetrou joins the GFCC as a Distinguished Fellow

The GFCC is delighted to announce that Ms. Athina Chatzipetrou, Non-Executive Director at the Ellaktor Group and long-standing partner of the GFCC, has been granted fellowship status. Ms. Chatzipetrou has over 30 years of experience in the corporate space, being responsible for leading numerous assignments in a variety of sectors and environments.


Before serving the Ellaktor board, she was CEO and chairwoman of the Hellenic Development Bank SA ("HDB"), where she led a holistic strategy focusing on sustainable business development while implementing changes in the bank's operating model. Under her leadership, the bank saw an increase in asset management from 280 million euros in February 2020 to 10.5 billion euros in September 2023.


"Ms. Chatzipetrou has an outstanding career in the business sector in Greece and Europe, playing an important leadership role in boosting Greece's competitiveness landscape. We are delighted to welcome her as a Distinguished Fellow and look forward to continuing fostering partnerships along her side", says Deborah L. Wince-Smith.


Additionally, Ms. Chatzipetrou played an important role as Minister's Advisor and Resident Advisor of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe ("UNECE"), being responsible for the implementation of a reform program of performance monitoring and reporting linked to the UN in Geneva and to the EU Task Force for Greece.

"We must reinvent business models, products, technologies, and policy frameworks to advance sustainability. Innovation is the key for this to happen and requires cross-sector collaboration, which is at the heart of the GFCC and will be a key theme when we meet in Doha", comments GFCC President and founder Deborah L. Wince-Smith.

"It is with great honor that I accept this fellowship position. I confirm my strong commitment to assisting on the expansion of GFCC global partnerships and alliances with development banks and cooperation as well as on the conceptualization of new GFCC initiatives and products", says Ms. Chatzipetrou.

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