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GFCC Launches Call to Action to Promote Sustainable Practices

We're pleased to release the Call to Action- Innovate the Sustainable Future. This flagship publication offers recommendations to stakeholders in government, industry, academia, and civil society focused on advancing sustainability and promoting innovation in different areas. It also underscores the urgency of taking immediate action and considers the possible benefits of sustainable practices.


These recommendations build upon the expertise accumulated in our multistakeholder network spanning over 30 nations. In the past few months, we collected inputs from our community by email and hosted a brainstorming session in September to map concepts and draw insights before crafting the document.


This year's Call to Action was launched during the 2023 Annual Meeting and Global Innovation Summit, which is happening in London, United Kingdom, on November 13 and 14. Our chairman, Chad O. Holliday, and members and fellows from over 20 countries participated in the discussions during the summit.


On occasion, GFCC leaders had the opportunity to reflect on the ideas in the Call to Action and share their perspectives, considering the priorities and socio-economic conditions in their respective nations and organizations.

The Call to Action- Innovate the Sustainable Future is available for download here.

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