Convergence & Circulation: University and Research Leadership Report

The GFCC is proud to announce the launch of its new report, Convergence & Circulation,” an in-depth account of the inaugural meeting of the University and Research Leadership Forum in London, November 2016.

The report also unveils the creation of two new global task forces that will help universities identify and scale up solutions to foster innovation: ‘Leveraging Extreme Innovation’ and ‘Optimizing Innovation Alliances,’ which are now being launched.

The GFCC University and Research Forum is comprised of forty universities from twenty countries working collaboratively to advance research centers and institutions of higher learning as engines of economic growth. The Forum, chaired by UC San Diego Chancellor Pradeep K. Khosla, will meet again in November 2017 in Malaysia to continue the conversation and review the results of the task forces.


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A rapidly transforming world is generating both opportunities and challenges for the entire knowledge enterprise. This is especially true for universities and research centers.

Universities and research centers lie at the heart of innovation ecosystems. They drive economic growth, foster social development, and ignite the kind of competitiveness that builds prosperity and improves living standards on a global scale. But those roles are not static. Challenges and opportunities arise when the economy becomes more complex and digital: innovation ecosystems become more sophisticated; new business models emerge; education, training and workforce development needs shift; and communities connect globally around the clock and around the world — across cultures, geographies, and even vocabularies. These transitions change the nature of innovation itself.

The GFCC University and Research Leadership Forum is a constantly evolving think-tank that analyzes the role that universities and research organizations play in innovation and value creation in this new global knowledge economy. Its goals are to capture, analyze, organize, and disseminate best practices and to serve as a platform for successful solutions that can be scaled up globally.

Through the Global University and Research Leadership Forum, the GFCC develops a better understanding of the contributions of global education/research institutions to competitiveness, facilitates new collaborations, and provides global visibility to relevant experiences, emerging models, and original thought in the field.

The inaugural meeting was hosted by Khazanah Nasional Berhard at the London Shard on November 30, 2016. Leaders from 40 universities attended and were joined by the GFCC Board members and a select group of business leaders.

Click to download the report.

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