University and Research Leadership Forum Task Force Reports

Optimizing Innovation Alliances

Release Date: September 17, 2018

Universities’ engagement with industry and alliances to foster innovation are crucial for economic development and prosperity. GFCC’s Optimizing Innovation Alliances, the report of one of the two Task Forces of the GFCC University and Research Leadership Forum, that were launched in 2016 in London, outlines these innovative practices and explores new, innovative and fruitful ways to improve such alliances across 18 participating universities.

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Leveraging Extreme Innovation 

Release Date: September 17, 2018

Big, bold, transformational projects – across time, industries and nations – have a tremendous impact on the economy, new technologies and applications of innovative ideas. Universities play a significant role in providing the talent behind these projects, the infrastructures, and to catalyze the partnerships to make such projects a reality. The Leveraging Extreme Innovation Task Force, launched in 2016 by the GFCC University and Research Leadership Forum in London, explores 17 of such multi-billion dollar transformational projects across 60+ years.

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