Santiago Murtagh

President, Culligan Argentina


Global Competitiveness Awardee, 2018

The GFCC presented the 2018 Global Competitiveness Award to Santiago Murtagh, recognizing his demonstrated leadership in driving competitiveness, his vision and leadership in driving institutional modernization in Argentina and innovative direction to create a unique global model of institutional partnerships, materialized in the group of EXCELENCIA.

Mr. Murtagh is the CEO of Culligan Argentina and the president of EXCELENCIA, a network that includes three different foundations: FUNDECE, FPNC and IPACE. This entity encourages the development and application of innovative management tools and systems to promote excellence and competitiveness in organizations in Argentina.

EXCELENCIA offers its members a platform to exchange ideas and learn through professional activities with different tools and programs. In this context, Mr. Murtagh has executed outstanding programs such as the generation of Management Communities, a place where Company Managers can share best practices and new trends in different topics such as Knowledge Management, Digital Transformation, Corporate Governance, Innovation, Talent, etc. Additionally, he has launched task force groups, serving as a body in which public and private sector representatives work together with academia to promote new policy recommendations.

He has launched two new Argentinean National Quality Award (NQA) categories: the NQA in Innovation Management and the NQA in Corporate Governance. His work in EXCELENCIA allowed the increase of 10 times the number of volunteers’ hours dedicated to these initiatives. He has also executed a “Peers Boards of Directors Program,” which convenes small groups of small and medium-sized enterprise (SMEs) owners in rotating meetings. This endeavor was published in the GFCC’s 2018 Best Practices Report (see the report here: Best Practices in Competitiveness Strategy).

With a background in business – including an MBA from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) – he is an architect and implementer of new institutional models and partnerships and deeply understands the importance of connecting public and private sector.

His leadership at Culligan Argentina allowed it to enter the global Balanced Scorecard “Hall of Fame” in 2010, which recognizes well-designed strategy and sustained excellence in execution. Culligan was also awarded the National Quality Award of the Argentine Republic in 2012.

Mr. Murtagh’s vision for Argentina has not only influenced business practices in the country but have also set the standard for how innovation should be used to transform the way people live and work as countries increase their competitiveness and innovation. It is because of his exceptional vision, compassion, outreach, and innovative thought that Santiago Murtagh was named the recipient of the GFCC Global Competitiveness Award of 2018.

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