Webinar analyzes the pandemic impacts for research in high-education

Universities have been through a rapid transformation recently, with the increased use of digital tools and collaboration with external partners. COVID-19 drastically changed the global scenario, accelerating trends underway and unleashing short and long-term impacts, particularly for conducting research.

The GFCC discusses strategies and priorities arising from the pandemic for research in the high education sector and ways to future-proof research-portfolios in a webinar Thursday (21), 11 am EST.

The online event Now.Bridge.Reboot.Decoding the now: Research, in partnership with GFCC member the University of Southampton, is open to the public. Registration is available through this link: http://conversations.thegfcc.org/.

High-level speakers from the UK, Japan, and the US share insights and lessons learned to build a new and more inclusive future for university research .

Click here for more info and registration.

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