Recap: GFCC Annual Meeting and University Forum Meeting 2018

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

At the Global Innovation Summit 2018 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, hosted by EXCELENCIA (FUNDECE/IPACE/FPNC), the GFCC’s global network of members convened for two exclusive conversations: the GFCC Annual Meeting on September 17 and the Meeting of the University and Research Leadership Forum on September 19.

The GFCC Annual Meeting brings GFCC members and Fellows together to review their agendas and discuss GFCC initiatives. This year’s event was organized in two different segments. In the first segment, participants developed a common understanding on their agendas and current GFCC initiatives. A second segment on the “Global Competitiveness Agenda” focused on the exchange of best practices for accelerating competitiveness and included content-rich conversations on innovation and productive transformation, reviewing experiences in the GFCC global network. The meeting also served as a platform for new members to introduce their organizations and initiatives to the other members: out of the 13 new members that joined the GFCC network in 2017-2018, presenters in the meeting included leaders from organizations such as Piraeus Bank, Purdue University, Western Economic Diversification Canada, Athens Exchange Group, Queen Mary University of London and the University of Pittsburgh.

View photos of the Annual Meeting here.

The GFCC University and Research Leadership Forum, acknowledging the roles that universities play as economic growth engines in the knowledge economy, serves as a living think-tank to examine trends and generate ideas to optimize education and research enterprises. This year, the Forum launched reports for its two task forces, “Optimizing Innovation Alliances” and “Leveraging Extreme Innovation” – the results of two years worth of work by the GFCC and Forum members. These task forces explore university-industry partnerships, how to foster entrepreneurship, new and emerging models for collaboration, big/transformational projects, new models for intellectual property management and engagement with society. The reports of the Task Forces can be found here.

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