Now. Bridge. Reboot. Thought Papers discuss leadership in the COVID-19 aftermath

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

COVID-19 has changed societies once for all. But where will it take us? The GFCC is launching a new publication this week, the Now. Bridge. Reboot. Thought Paper Series on the leadership's role to navigate the disruptive pandemic aftermath.

Politicians, entrepreneurs, and academics from the GFCC community offer insightful perspectives on the way leaders move from crisis response to think about long-term economic rebuild.

The Thought Papers Series address new business models, digital strategies, and opportunity areas in the next economy. The GFCC initiative aims to help leaders and organizations to make sense of the current global situation and drive a positive impact.

Chairman Charles Holliday writes the inaugural article, "Looking for the North Star to navigate uncharted waters." Holliday emphasizes the relevance of values and principles translated into leadership and action. For the author, integrity, trust, and transparency must support decision-making.

New papers from The Now. Bridge. Reboot. Thought Paper Series will be available weekly on the GFCC website and GFCC mailing list.

We want to invite our members and fellows to read, share, and comment on the content.

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