Now. Bridge. Reboot. Thought Paper Series first month outlook

The Now. Bridge. Reboot. Thought Paper Series reaches one­­­­­ month of publications with leadership insights from the U.S., Greece, Japan, Oman, New Zealand, and Kazakhstan.

On the original pieces, there is a unison acknowledgment of the great challenge leaders face worldwide. A common argument refers to the technology as an integral part of business models, creating an opportunity to drive change and positive impacts.

For the authors, purposeful leadership is more than a buzzword. Leaders must outline practical steps that tie organizations' aims to a better future for societies focused on economic prosperity and sustainability. They have identified flexibility, agility, speed, and people's focus as key leadership traits.

The GFCC started publishing The Now. Bridge. Reboot. Thought Paper Series on August 24.

Original thought papers will be released every Tuesday and Thursday for three months. The GFCC will publish a booklet compiling all thought papers during the GIS 2020 online event on November 17 and 18.

Read the full articles here

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