Global Innovation Summit starts this Tuesday

The GFCC Global Innovation Summit Crossing the Chasm: Health Innovation and the Future Economy starts this Tuesday (Nov 17) at 4 pm EST. Registration is available during the event through the link:

During two days, scientists, policymakers, and leaders from government, business, and academia explore health technology developments to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and ways to accelerate innovation to transition to the future economy.

Today’s discussions cover public-private partnerships on the COVID-19 vaccine pathway, health care delivery, artificial intelligence, genomics, bioengineering, and advanced healthcare research.

The GFCC Chairman Chad Holliday Jr. will open the Summit, with GFCC President Deborah Wince-Smith and Ambassador Arthur Culvahouse Jr. in a conversation about the importance of global partnerships to overcome the crisis and leverage innovation.

Chad Holliday Jr. will also present the GFCC Global Competitiveness Principles 2020, based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

On the second day, the Summit draws on priority areas, frameworks, and industries for the future economy, technological breakthroughs assisting the pandemic’s response, and global innovation leadership.

Check the Global Innovation Summit website to have more information on sessions and speakers.

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