GFCC upcoming report on future skills presented to CNI

The GFCC presented first-hand the findings of an upcoming report on future skills in a virtual meeting held by the Brazilian National Confederation of Industries (CNI in Portuguese) and Embraer last Friday (27).

The study analyzes 32 skills development solutions and ten public policies from 15 countries. Cognitio, a Brazilian consulting firm, contributed with results of complementary research on the same topic focused on the Brazilian landscape.

A leadership group of engineering schools in Brazil participated in the online discussion. The group emphasized the importance of advancing partnerships between industry and universities in Brazil, particularly to develop links with undergraduate students to overcome skills gap.

Future skills

The world is going through an accelerated transformation powered by technological growth and digital connectivity. COVID-19 has been a catalyzer, driving speed to emerging trends. The future of work is at the center of the unfolding process, with new forms of production and engagement developing.

Researchers, policymakers, and governments haven’t reached a consensus on the consequence of disruptive technologies in the future of work and production, and on which impacts societies must expect on jobs and the labor market. But it is clear the relevance of learning and training youth and reskilling the current workforce to transition to the future.

The GFCC will release the new report next year, in English and Portuguese, analyzing trends related to skills and the future of work, benchmarking skills development initiatives and innovative education systems worldwide.

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