GFCC Fellow Frank-Jürgen Richter Hosts Horasis Global Summit in Cascais, Portugal

With the goal of envisioning new pathways to economic advancement, leaders in business, government and civil society from over 50 countries will gather in Cascais, Portugal on May 5-8 for the Global Meeting of the Horasis Global Visions Community. Building on the GFCC’s Global Competitiveness Principles as a framework for the promotion of global competitiveness, participants will discuss issues ranging from trade and the fidelity of economic systems to the changing nature of work in a digitized economy.

By incorporating a diverse range of voices from all sectors and backgrounds, the Global Meeting hopes to leverage the experiences of an array of participants into deepening the world’s understanding of the trends defining the emergent digital economy. The GFCC and Horasis recognize that prosperity derives from companies and industrial organizations innovating within a policy framework that encourages experimentation in science and technology. Creating opportunities for the exchange of knowledge across national and sector boundaries therefore represents a vital step in enabling modern societies to meettheir full potential.

The GFCC is excited by the potential for the Horasis Global Visions Community to revolutionize the innovation community’s understanding of transnational developmental and economic trends. “As our world continues to be defined by growing prosperity fueled by unforeseen disruptions in science and technology, we look forward to furthering collaboration between Horasis and theGFCC community of innovation leaders,” GFCC Fellow and Horasis Chairman Frank-Jürgen Richter said.






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