GFCC Convenes for 2019 Annual Meeting and University Forum Meeting

At the 2019 Global Innovation Summit in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan, the GFCC's global member network convened for its exclusive Annual Meeting on September 16 and a workshop of the GFCC University and Research Leadership Forum on September 18.

The GFCC Annual Meeting brings together our GFCC Members and Fellows from around the globe to discuss GFCC initiatives and review their competitiveness agendas. The 2019 meeting was organized in two different segments. In the first segment, participants took part in in depth discussions aimed at developing a common understanding on their individual agendas and the current state of GFCC affairs, including current and future initiatives. The meeting also served as a platform for new members to introduce their organizations and initiatives to the other members. The GFCC was proud to welcome ten new members to our global community in 2018-2019. Presenters in the meeting included leaders from the Universidad Nacional de San Agustin (UNSA), the Council on Competitiveness of Greece (CompeteGR), the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, the University of Illinois and Whitecap Investments LLC. Following that, the second segment focused on some of the cases included in the GFCC's annual report on Best Practices in Competitiveness Strategy within the GFCC community and included two content-rich conversations on innovation and transformation, reviewing experiences in Kazakhstan and the broader GFCC global network.

The GFCC University and Research Leadership Forum serves as a living think tank for identification and discussion of trends and the generation of ideas for optimizing enterprises. Presidents, chancellors, executive directors, rectors, CEOs and directors of prominent universities, laboratories and research organizations from around the globe comprise the Forum. The 2019 annual Forum meeting served as a platform for University Forum leaders to discuss the next phase of the Forum's agenda and develop a shared vision for the future of universities; including discussing how universities can leverage digital technologies, and how the role and mission of universities will be shaped in the future. The conversations at this year's Forum built upon the findings of the Task Force Reports published in 2018; with topics including university-industry partnerships, fostering entrepreneurship, new models for intellectual property management and engagement with society.

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