EXC presents National Award for Quality to Companies in Argentina

The National Quality Award (PNC, in Spanish) rewards excellence in management based on the Excellence Management Model developed by the National Quality Award Foundation. The 2019 winners were:

  • INTERBANKING S.A., winner of the National Award for Quality in Innovation Management

  • EDESUR S.A., winner of the National Award for Quality in Directory Management

  • ADOX S.A, with a special mention in the "Commitment to the Customer Experience" by the PNC in Innovation Management.

"It is an honor to be able to reward companies that have demonstrated their excellence in Innovation Management and in Board Management for the first time, as a result of their expansion towards critical factors of competitiveness in the 21st century," explained Santiago Murtagh, President of the EXCELENCIA Foundation.

The award ceremony was held on December 18, and was attended by María Inés Bacqué, Secretary of Digital Government and Technological Innovation; Juan Carlos Hallak, President of the National Commission of Foreign Trade, and Lic. Norberto Taranto, Vice President of the National Quality Award Foundation, among other national officials and special guests.

"Quality is a strong focus for the Ministry of Production and of the entire National Government. Beyond the efforts of the companies, such as those that are rewarded today, the support of the State is crucial. That is why we will soon launch the National Council for Quality, an inter-ministerial body," explained Mr. Hallak.

Norberto Taranto invited all public and private organizations to "register to participate in the 2019 National Quality Award in its different categories, because their participation allows them to access models that help them improve their processes. In addition, we can announce four new Award categories for 2020: Small and Medium-Sized Companies, Sustainability, Customer Experience, and Knowledge Management."

The selection of the winners is made every year by the National Quality Award Foundation, after an evaluation according to a set of components, criteria and factors described in the "Model for Excellence Management" that covers all areas of a company. Jorge Aguado, Andrea Grobocopatel, Javier Ibáñez, Santiago Priest, Enrique Hofman, among other outstanding figures participated in this year’s jury.

About the National Quality Award

The National Quality Award (PNC) was created 25 years ago by the Argentinian government, for both the public and private sectors. The aim of the PNC is to promote the development and dissemination of processes and systems aimed at the continuous improvement of Quality in products and services, in order to support the modernization and competitiveness of the business sector.

About the Awardees

EDESUR S.A. (Empresa Distribuidora Sur Sociedad Anónima) distributes energy to 2.5 million customers, supplying homes, businesses and large companies. Their supply area covers 3,300 square kilometers, including the southern area of ​​the Federal Capital and 12 sections of the province of Buenos Aires. EDESUR’s electric network has an approximate extension of 32,500 kilometers, through which it distributes more than 20,000 GWh, about 20% of the country's energy. EDESUR’s commitment to its community extends beyond distributing energy; they also actively works towards raising awareness and advising clients on the safe and efficient use of energy, minimizing environmental impact, giving quick and definitive solutions to problems and acting with responsibility.

INTERBANKING S.A. is a leader in electronic treasury management solutions for companies and government entities, and is recognized as a company that promotes change, innovation and continuous improvement. Interbanking has more than 185,000 large, medium and small business clients in Argentina and more than 50 financial entities that are members of their Interbanking Network. Interbanking has been awarded the National Quality Award in both 2011 and 2017 for the innovative quality strategy they’ve been utilizing since its conception in 2004. This makes them the only company in Argentina to have achieved this level of recognition to date, and the first company to receive the new National Award in Innovation Management.

ADOX is an innovative national company, the first in Argentina to be certified by the Innovation Management Standard; which is characterized by developments in the areas of health, agriculture, security and industry. ADOX is composed of a group of professionals from different areas such as biotechnology, chemistry, industrial design, electronics, programming and nanotechnology, among others. ADOX is currently working on projects such as: Hybridon, an antimicrobial nanoparticle solution that’s used as a protective coating on surfaces in health facilities to prevents contamination; an oncological electroporator that significantly reduces the adverse effects of chemotherapy; and a disinfection tower that uses UV rays to reduces the environmental contamination of cleaning in intensive care units.






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