Book Launch: “Leading through the chasm and into the future economy"

The GFCC is launching next Wednesday (28), 8 am ET, the book “Leading through the chasm and into the future economy,” a unique publication featuring 32 exclusive thought pieces on leadership signed by C-suite leaders from 21 countries who are shapers in their field of expertise.

The articles discuss attributes and key topics in the leadership agenda, such as the future of work, digital transformation, business opportunities in the future economy, frameworks to boost innovation, and purposeful leadership.

GFCC President Deborah L. Wince-Smith and Executive Director Roberto Alvarez will head a live conversation on GFCC YouTube and LinkedIn channels on the occasion. They will comment on the book’s release, shedding light on why leadership matters to shape a better future in this critical period of recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

During the live session, Ms. Smith and Mr. Alvarez will also unveil GFCC plans for 2021 and announce a new exciting initiative that will mobilize the GFCC network and brain-trust towards building a more competitive and prosperous future.

About the book

“Leading through the chasm and into the future economy” is a collection of 32 exclusive original articles written by high-level leaders who are part of the GFCC network. All authors participated in the Now. Bridge. Reboot. Conversations, a series of webinars hosted by the GFCC from May to June last year, addressing COVID-19 impacts, mitigation strategies, and frameworks to accelerate the transition to the future economy.

During the online events, leadership stood out as a connector bridg­ing the present to the future economy. The GFCC invited participants to reflect on the discussions drawing insights from their experiences and expertise on an original thought piece. The book aims to enlarge the conversation, gathering different perspectives to help citizens, leaders, and decision-makers recover from the COVID-19 crisis and design the future world they want.

The GFCC thank all authors for their remarkable contributions, offering their knowledge and skills to make this publication possible. The “Leading through the chasm and into the future economy” will be available for download on April 28.

Book launch "Leading through the chasm and into the future economy"

How to connect? GFCC Youtube and LinkedIn channels

When? April 28, 8 am ET

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